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News Channel Attempts To Follow The Money Trail For The Caylee Anthony Home Videos

The burning question: Who made money off of the videos shown on ABC’s 20/20?

Mark Nejame vehemently denies that George and Cindy Anthony made a dime off of these videos:

Casey Anthony Receives Offers Of As High As $1.5 Million For Book Rights, Movie Rights, TV Deals, And Even A Pay-Per-View Offer. I Feel Absolutely Ill.

I am so through. No wonder Casey and her brother, Lee, were high-fiving!

Not only that, but a defense fund and a website are in the process of being developed in order to help with her legal fees.

Do they actually think that people will donate to Casey’s defense fund?

Now we know why she spends hours at her attorney’s office. It’s to mull over the many, shameful offers for her story; not to plot her defense.

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