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Leonard Padilla Plans To Hold A Prayer Vigil For Caylee Anthony On Christmas Day In Blanchard Park.

pic1Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla said he’s planning a special Christmas Day service in honor of Caylee Anthony.

Padilla said he and the father of Casey Anthony’s former boyfriend Jesse Grund plan to hold a vigil at Blanchard Park.

Padilla said he believes Caylee’s remains will be found in the Econ River.

The Bounty Hunter said he’s already raised more than $50,000 to mount another river search early next year.

Meanwhile, members of Kid Finders said they’ve had a third witness come forward to tell them they also saw a little girl who looked like Caylee in an Orlando mall last month.

Nov. 13, one of those witnesses took a photo with her cell phone in a children’s play area at the Florida Mall.

A spokeswoman for Kid Finders said the Anthonys remain hopeful because no one has come forward to claim the child as their own.

A spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said forensic evidence from the FBI lab proves Caylee is dead. They have suspended efforts to find the girl alive.

Also, George and Cindy Anthony are saying…again…that there are big new developments coming in the case of their missing granddaughter:

Caylee’s grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony, said a big development in the case is on the way.

George Anthony wouldn’t elaborate much further, but said a team of private investigators are working on a new lead that could lead to the discovery of the girl.

“There is just a lot of positive things that are still happening. A lot more people are coming forward because they can see some progress of bringing Caylee home and it’s pretty awesome stuff. I can’t be too specific with you but we believe we’re close,” he said.

The Anthonys said they will continue to hold vigils for Caylee as long as she’s missing.

Nancy Grace: Richard Grund, Casey Anthony’s Ex-Fiancee’s Father, Spills The Beans About George, Cindy, And Casey.

Well, George Anthony brought Richard Grund’s name up during the FBI interview and now Richard is doing “pay back”:

Highlights From Nancy Grace’s Interview With Casey’s Ex-Fiancee’s Father

Well, now we know that it wasn’t Casey’s idea to put the baby up for adoption and we know that Casey mentioned a Zenaida Gonzales as early as 2006:

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