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600 Pages Of More Discovery Documents In The Caylee Anthony Case Have Been Released

Highlights From Nancy Grace’s Interview With Casey’s Ex-Fiancee’s Father

Well, now we know that it wasn’t Casey’s idea to put the baby up for adoption and we know that Casey mentioned a Zenaida Gonzales as early as 2006:

Zenaida Gonzales Reveals How She Thinks Casey Anthony Got Her Information And How The Notoriety Is Still Affecting Her Life.

You can also read the first Zenaida Gonzales post here.

Nancy Grace: Leonard Padilla Says That The Anthonys Were Asked To Take Lie Detector Tests. Initially, They Agreed. Lee Anthony Became Agitated And Said That None Of Them Would Take The Tests.

Startling? Yes. But not in the way that you might first think.

Does anyone actually believe that Leonard Padilla had this startling information and didn’t blurt it out to the media? He has blurted out everything else. Why not this bombshell?

I, personally, think that Padilla is either wildly speculating (again) or just outright lying and interviewers, like Nancy Grace and Greta Van Susteren, need to let him go the way of the dinosaurs:

Greta Van Susteren’s Interview With Leonard Padilla. Says Casey Said She Was Given A Script Of What To Say About Missing Daughter.

I’m like Greta. This is the first time that I heard of a script being given to Casey by the “kidnappers”, Zenaida and her older sister, Samantha.


Casey Anthony: Preliminary Tests Indicate That It Was Human Decomposition In Casey’s Car

Casey Anthony: Orange County Deputy Fired For Lying About His Relationship With Casey.

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes it takes the clip a few seconds to buffer:

The former deputy’s name is Tony Rusciano:

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