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Could WFTV Be Seeking Revenge Against Jose Baez, Casey’s Attorney, Because He Threw Them Out Of His Press Conference?

When I reported on this yesterday here, I simply interpreted his statement as “(what could possibly be ) the loss of the life of this little girl” or loss, as in meaning that she is still missing.

No, WFTV. You weren’t the first to catch this. You were just the first to pounce on it like a pack of hungry dogs over a bone.

Even if Casey had confessed that she had killed her daughter to her attorney, Jose Baez, he could not reveal that to anybody else because of attorney-client privilege. Not even to his defense team.

So, why is WFTV rushing to put a statement out like this? Could it be just plain, old-fashioned REVENGE for being ejected from her attorney’s press conference?

At any rate, all WFTV has done is ensure that Casey’s trial will never take place in Orange County.

Headline News Host Admonished by Jose Baez Spokesman, Todd Black, In Defense Of Casey Anthony

Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s Attorney, Kicks WFTV’s Steve Barrett And Crew Out Of His Press Conference!

All I can say is, WOW!

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