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Nancy Grace: This Is What Happens If You Dare To Criticize OCSO For Dereliction Of Duty Or If You Mention Anything About The Meter Reader Being A Suspect!

Nancy rips into a guest attorney:

Then she rips into her BFF, Leonard Padilla:

A Frustrated Nancy Grace: “What Does It Matter If Police Were Derelict In Their Duty In Not Thoroughly Investigating The Tip From The Meter Reader? It Is Caylee.”

It’s so ironic. Nancy Grace gloats over every mis-step (real and imagined) by Jose Baez and the Defense Team; yet she thinks that the OCSO’s blatant dereliction of duty should be overlooked.

And every time that someone suggests that the meter reader might be a suspect, she goes berserk!

Medical Examiner Identifies The Remains As Those Of Little Caylee Anthony

Yes, it took me awhile before I could even stand to post this:

Orange County Sheriff’s Office-OCSO: “There Was A Window Of Opportunity, Possibly.”

Cindy Anthony has said in the past that OCSO was only interested in finding a body. Looks like she was wrong:

Nancy Grace: A True Bombshell – Meter Reader Reported The Bag To The OCSO 3 Previous Times. Had The OCSO Done Their Jobs, The Bag Could Have Been Found On August 11th!

You better believe that Sheriff Beary (Orange County Sheriff’s Office-OCSO) is going to try to play this fiasco off:

Nancy Grace: The Attorney For The OCSO Slipped Up And Identified The Remains As Being A Girl. A Spokesman Now Says That This Was A Mis-Statement.

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