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Orange County Deputy, Who Failed To Adequately Follow Up On The Meter Reader’s Tip, Has Been Taken Off Patrol And Put On Desk Duty.

deputyAn Orange County deputy, who responded to an August call from a meter reader in the area where Caylee Anthony’s remains were later found, was removed from patrols Thursday and put on desk duty.

Deputy Richard Cain went to the area on August 13, where Caylee’s remains were eventually found, but didn’t find anything.

Roy Kronk, who called in the tip (listen to that call), said Deputy Cain was rude and didn’t really investigate the scene (watch Kronk’s GMA interview). A sheriff’s office document shows Cain spent 25 minutes at the scene (read sheriff’s document).

In December, Kronk found Caylee’s remains at that same location.

Cain is now under investigation and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said he can’t represent himself as a deputy or take law enforcement action either on or off duty. He must also surrender his agency-issued sworn credentials and agency-issued equipment, including his ID cards, badges, vehicle, radio and firearm.

Cain has been with the agency since June of 2006.

Nancy Grace: More On The OCSO Deputy Being Investigated For Possible Dereliction Of Duty. Leonard Padilla Says That The LE Officer Should Not Be Blamed.

Deputy, Who Failed To Properly Follow Up On Tip By Meter Reader In August, Has Been Identified.

deputyThe Orange County sheriff’s deputy who checked on an August tip made by the meter reader who discovered the remains of Caylee Anthony in the same area in December was identified Tuesday by Local 6 News.

Orange County sheriff’s Deputy Richard Cain, 40, closed the door of his home when he was confronted by Local 6 News reporter Jessica D’Onofrio, who attempted to ask him questions about the incident.

Cain was hired by Orange County in 2006 and was assigned to patrol the area where Caylee’s remains were found. An administrative review is under way to determine if Cain violated any policies when he went to wooded area to check on the tip, which was phoned in by Orange County utility worker Roy Kronk.

In a Tuesday interview on “Good Morning America,” Kronk said Cain was “kind of rude.”

“There was water there in August, and I guess the deputy didn’t want to go out in the water to look in the bag,” said Kronk, who phoned in tips about a suspicious bag three consecutive days in August.

After the third call was placed, Cain met Kronk near the wooded area, which is located near the home of George and Cindy Anthony, the grandparents of Caylee, who lived at the home with her mother, Casey Anthony.

“The officer showed up, he pulls out a metal baton (and) went to the water’s edge. I pointed in the area where (the bag) was at, (and) he swept his head back and forth and said, ‘I don’t see anything,'” Kronk said on the national TV show.

In a sheriff’s report, Cain wrote that he saw “trash only” while checking on Kronk’s tip.

Cain’s Professional Standards History report shows that there was a complaint filed against him in 2006 for failing to “properly investigate an incident,” Local 6 News reported. The report does not say if Cain had been disciplined for the incident.

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