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Casey’s Connection To The Sawgrass Apartments, Where She Supposedly Left Caylee With The Nanny:

I honestly don’t know why the media keeps bringing this up.

Casey might have given police the name Zenaida Gonzalez, but she didn’t point them towards the Zenaida Gonzalez who is now suing Casey. The police simply told Zenaida that Casey described her car and gave them the names of her two children that appeared on a Sawgrass application.

In the end, Zenaida Gonzales will be suing the Orange County Sheriff’s Department; not Casey Anthony. Wait and see.

State Attorney’s Office Hands Over Hundreds Of Pages Of New Documents In The Casey Anthony Case.

Documents show more and more of Casey’s lies. Also, a list of some of the information contained in the newly released documents can be found after the clip.

Some of the items included in the new documents released:

  1. Transcripts, including two interviews with George Anthony (July 24 and Aug. 4), one with Casey’s former boyfriend Tony Lazzaro, and one with her friend, Amy Huizenga. Audio of some of these was previously released. In one of George Anthony’s talks with Orange County Sheriff’s Office detectives, he described following Casey and pressing her for details of Caylee’s whereabouts about three weeks before she was reported missing.
  2. FBI crime lab reports on samples from Casey Anthony’s car. The information is the same as released earlier — that a hair that shows “characteristics of apparent decomposition” was found, and that the hair is similar to one taken from Caylee’s brush.
  3. Toll transponder reports from June and July from cars belonging to the Anthony family.
  4. The list of passengers from a July 2 AIrTran flight from Orlando to Atlanta, on which someone reported seeing Caylee. Investigators have said they checked out the tip and said the child was not Caylee.
  5. A short, state Department of Children & Families report into child abuse, done in early September, which was launched after Caylee was reported missing. It concludes “verified findings of maltreatments,” because Caylee was missing and Casey showed “lack of remorse.” The investigation was closed on Sept. 14.
  6. Copies of Web site and newspaper articles about the case.

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