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Cindy Anthony Explains “Hairbrush-gate”. Denies Deliberately Misleading The FBI.

Heck, it sounds reasonable to me, so let’s just let this crap go and focus on putting Larry Garrison behind bars somewhere:

OK, Let’s Talk About The So-Called Incriminating Email From Cindy Anthony To Former Spokesman, Larry Garrison.

Hmmm…let’s see.

We have the Anthonys’ former publicist, Larry Garrison, who pocketed money from their interviews, coming forth with an incriminating email from Cindy Anthony about deliberately not giving the FBI a correct hair sample of little Caylee’s.

Wait. Hold on a minute, while I put on my hip boots, so that I can wade through this field of bull poo.

If Larry Garrison felt that Cindy did something wrong, why did he wait until now to supply this information? I’ve never heard of “publicist-client privilege”, so why didn’t he report this as soon as he found out? Is it more of a crime now, after he no longer works for the Anthonys, than then?

Why are people so quick to accept the word of a proven crook? Is the hate for Casey Anthony so out of control, until people are willing to burn everybody associated with her – especially her parents?

Has anybody pointed out to Mr. Garrison that, by knowingly withholding such, allegedly, vital information, he can be charged as an accomplice? No, I didn’t think so.

This is obviously an attempt by Garrison to keep the crook spotlight off of himself.

Cindy Anthony Speaks Out About Former Spokesman’s, Larry Garrison, Betrayal.

The Anthonys’ Former Spokesman, Larry Garrison, Dodges Questions About Network Payments For Anthony Interviews. And Others Say That Leonard Padilla Failed To Deliver On His Promises In The Search For Caylee.

I never understood why they had Larry Garrison as a spokesman, because he never helped the Anthonys with their bad publicity.

And everyone knows how I feel about Leonard Padilla. The less said about him, the better.

Mark Nejame, The Anthonys’ Attorney: “I’ve Been Very Suspicious Of Larry Garrison For Quite A While.”

Wow! The Anthonys’ attorney, Mark Nejame, accuses their former spokesman, Larry Garrison, of accepting money for interviews:

Anthonys Say That They Fired Their Spokesperson, Larry Garrison, For Taking Network Payments. Garrison Says That He Resigned.

How much do you want to bet that you’ll see Larry Garrison on Nancy Grace tonight? Hmmm?

You can find Larry Garrison’s statement after this one:

canthony_lgarrisonA spokesman for Cindy and George Anthony was fired after the family discovered he was making money from their national television appearances about the search for their granddaughter, Caylee Marie, an attorney said Wednesday afternoon.

Mark NeJame said the Anthonys let their California spokesman, Larry Garrison, go after finding out he got $6,500 as a licensing fee for family photographs.

Garrison, however, said he resigned “due to the erratic behavior” of the Anthony family.

The Anthonys’ daughter, Casey, is in Orange County Jail awaiting trial on first-degree murder and other charges. Prosecutors say Casey Anthony killed her Caylee, who has not been seen since June.

NeJame said Cindy and George Anthony were not aware of the payments, which NBC confirmed to the family after someone tipped NeJame to their existence.

Larry Garrison’s Statement:

Garrison, the spokesperson for the Anthony family, resigned Wednesday for what he calls erratic behavior by the Anthony family.

“Due to the erratic behavior over the last several months exhibited by The Anthony family, Larry Garrison is resigning as their spokesperson. It is my opinion that others have manipulated them into situations, that would not dignify the family. I can no longer be part of that behavior. I wish them all the peace and resolution they so deserve. The truth always comes out in the end, and in this case “The truth is better than the spin.” -Larry Garrison

The Anthony’s appointed Garrison as their spokesperson back in August to answer questions from the media.

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