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A Closer Look At The Cindy/Protester Confrontation: Protester’s Kid’s Arm Was Hurt When She Was Restrained. She Was Too Busy Hurling Curses At Cindy To Be Concerned.

Initially, I thought that the little guy in the video was being stubborn and wouldn’t stand up. (Sorry about that, little guy.)

It’s obvious, now, that his arm got shut in the door when his big butt mother fell against it after being restrained from fighting with Cindy Anthony.

Instead of being concerned with her own kid writhing in the street in obvious pain, the protester continued to hurl curses at Cindy Anthony.

As they sped away to “go to the hospital”, the protester shouted, “And that #@!&#@ is gonna pay for it.”

The little guy? He shouted to Cindy, “I hope you die!”


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