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Nancy Grace: Jose Baez Files A Motion To Kick Prosecutors Off Of The Case.

Casey Anthony’s Attorney: Jose Baez Says That He Is The First Hispanic To Handle A Case Of This Magnitude And He’s Being Discriminated Against.

The blanket of hate, which covers Casey Anthony, has been automatically extended to her family and her attorney. Has it led to Jose Baez being discriminated against?

Jose has been criticized for doing the very thing that he has been charged to do: defending his client to the best of his abilities. Yet, people are always trying to question his legal competency.

I’ve watched Jose in action against the prosecution and, so far, he has held his own against them quite nicely. And, if people are honest, they’ll have to admit the same thing.

Lee Anthony’s attorney, on the other hand, almost incriminated him and there has barely been a peep about this man’s total and obvious incompetency.

Yep. I’d say that the media has definitely discriminated against Jose.

Nancy Grace: Is Jose Baez Shopping Around For An Entertainment Deal?

Rumors, rumors, and more rumors:

Josez Baez On The Developments Involving Dominic Casey And James Hoover

Jose Baez Speaks To The Media After Thursday’s Hearing

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Jane Velez-Mitchell, Frequent Guest Host For Nancy Grace, Sums Up The Current Developments In The Caylee Anthony Saga. It Looks Like Everybody Is Involved!

One Of Nancy Grace’s Guest Attorneys Takes Her To Task For Insinuating That Casey Anthony Is Enjoying Herself In Jail, Because Of What She Has Ordered From The Jail Commissary.

It’s about time somebody said somehing about Nancy’s stupid “menu” remarks:

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