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Nancy Grace: Exclusive Interview With “June Roommate” Of Casey Anthony Is Not The Same Roommate Interviewed By Greta Van Susteren. Was Nancy Grace Scammed? Was This Guy Paid?

Why is the so called “June roommate”, being interviewed by Nancy Grace, in the shadows?

Did Casey’s boyfriend have more than one roommate? If so, why is he referred to as “the June roommate” and not “one of the June roommates”?

These are definitely two different people. Clint House, the roommate whom Greta interviewed weeks ago, is the one who took the pictures of Casey partying supposedly during the time that Casey was missing. His pictures were published all over the ‘Net.

Important fact: He didn’t hide in the shadows.

Here is Nancy’s interview with the so-called roommate:

Here is Greta’s interview with Clint House:

Greta Van Susteren’s Interview With Leonard Padilla. Says Casey Said She Was Given A Script Of What To Say About Missing Daughter.

I’m like Greta. This is the first time that I heard of a script being given to Casey by the “kidnappers”, Zenaida and her older sister, Samantha.


Casey Anthony: Hundreds Of Discovery Documents Released To The Media. Contains Some Shocking Details.

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes it takes the clip a few seconds to buffer:

Do Pictures Prove That Casey Anthony Partied In A Club While Caylee Was Missing?

Greta Van Susteren attempts to answer the question of whether or not Casey Anthony partied during the time that her daughter was missing:

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