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Jose Got Indignant At The Hearing: “That Information Came From This Side Of The Room (Prosecution).”


A judge has denied a controversial motion to put a gag order on Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez.

On Tuesday, prosecutors argued in court for the gag order, which would prevent Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez from speaking out about the case. They said Baez’s frequent statements to the media are tainting the possible jury pool when Anthony goes on trial next year for the murder of her 3-year-old Caylee Anthony.

However, Baez said prosecutors and investigators have done that by leaking information over the last several months.

The state’s motion also included a gag order on Casey’s parents George and Cindy Anthony. However, the judge told them in court any order he issued would not apply to them.

After all has been said and done by the media and others to try and make Jose Baez look incompetent, he still always comes through in the courtroom like a true pro:

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