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Judge Agrees To Start Casey Anthony’s Trial Date Sooner: January 5, 2009.

Pre-trial is December 11th.

Neither Casey Anthony nor her attorney was at Tuesday morning’s arraignment on murder charges Casey is facing in the death of her daughter, Caylee. Casey had already entered a written plea of not guilty, so she was not required to show up.

Judge Stan Strickland accepted the written plea and that means the state now has 15 days to hand over evidence to Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez, that the state plans to use in the trial against her. Any new evidence the state plans to make use of also must be handed over to Baez as they get it.

The state also asked the judge to move the trial period back from a previously set date in early February, possibly to put more pressure of the defense,. The judge agreed and Casey’s pre-trial conference is now set for December 11 and the trial is set for January 5.

Casey Anthony’s Trial Date Is Set For February 9, 2009.

Forensic Test Results In The Casey Anthony Case Released

A list of some of the highlights of the results:

  1. Confirmation that a hair sample found in the vehicle “exhibits characteristics of apparent decomposition.” The report also says that specific hair is “microscopically similar” to hair investigators took from Caylee’s hairbrush, but couldn’t confirm it was conclusively Caylee’s.
  2. DNA testing done on that piece of hair and compared with a sample provided by Casey confirmed that neither Casey nor Caylee can be “excluded as the source of the hair,” because the “mtDNA sequences … are the same.”
  3. Tests also confirmed “residues of chloroform” within a spare tire cover found inside the trunk of Casey’s car. “Residues consistent with chloroform” were also found within the left and right side trunk liner. The report says no other chemicals were detected within those items.
  4. Odor tests that were conducted on the carpet inside Casey’s car concluded that 80 percent of the chemicals identified were “consistent with decompositional events.” The results of the FBI’s Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) on the same carpet concluded that “while these are still preliminary results … both odor analysis and LIBS results appear to be quite consistent with a decompositional event having occurred in the trunk of the vehicle.”
  5. The report also clarifies that the tests conducted appear to point to human decomposition and not animal.
  6. The report’s final conclusion is that the results of the tests and comparisons indicate “that a portion of the total odor signature identified in the Florida vehicle trunk is consistent with a decompositional event that could be of human origin.”

Click on the document image to read the results:

Nancy Grace: Photographer Confirms Date Of Photos Of Casey Anthony Partying Occurred After Caylee Went Missing.

Nancy Grace: If Guest Panelists Agree With her, She Praises. If They Don’t, She Attacks!

The idiots know how she is and they just keep setting themselves up for more of her Nancy-isms. What’s the point in having these people on, if she isn’t going to listen to what they have to say?

Nancy Grace: Terence Michael Lenaman, An Experienced Death Row Attorney, Joins Casey’s Defense Team

Todd Black: Jose Baez Spokesman Declares That Remark Was Taken Out Of Context

The thing that must be remembered here is that, it doesn’t matter whether or not Todd Black thinks that Caylee is dead. He doesn’t have to believe in the guilt or innocence of Jose’s client in order to do his job as a spokesperson for Jose Baez.

I’m not a fan of Casey Anthony, but this deliberate attempt, by WFTV, to get back at Jose Baez for throwing them out of his press conference and calling them a “tabloid news channel”, is making me absolutely ill.

Here’s a WFTV reporter in a phone interview with Todd Black and it’s basically audio:

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