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Nancy Grace And Jennifer Hudson’s Ex-Brother-In-Law’s Mother Get Real Snippy With Each Other.

Nancy Grace: Nancy Interviews The Mother Of Jennifer Hudson’s Ex-Brother-In-Law

George And Cindy Anthony On The Today Show

Part 1

Part 2

Cindy And Casey Anthony Took News Crew On A Wild, But Carefully Orchestrated, Car Chase.

Personally, I think that they just didn’t want the press to be around when she went to the police station. Unfortunately, undercover officers arrested her before she could get to the jail and turn herself in.

Hey, just my opinion…

Casey Anthony Will Make Her First Appearance On Murder And Manslaughter Charges Today.

Casey's new mug shot

Casey's new mug shot

Casey Anthony is back behind bars for the fourth time. She will make her first appearance on first degree murder charges Wednesday morning.

Casey is now charged with the murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony, 91 days after she first reported her missing.

Casey Anthony was taken to the Orange County jail around 7:00pm Tuesday evening following her indictment on a first-degree murder charge handed up by a grand jury less than an hour earlier. Her latest mug shot looks much like her first three, keeping a straight face without any emotion.

Casey Anthony was in handcuffs when she was led into the Orange County Sheriff’s Office around 4:40pm. She’s being held on no bond. Sources told Eyewitness News deputies were watching Casey all day. They followed Casey and her mother when they left the attorney’s office and later made a traffic stop and arrested Casey. She was later moved to the jail.

The Orange County grand jury indicted Casey Anthony on a total of seven counts: First-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter and four counts of false statements to law enforcement (Read It | Raw Video In Court).

A first-degree murder charge means the grand jury believed the act to be premeditated. The punishment for such a charge is the death penalty or life in prison and no chance for parole.

It isn’t clear yet how soon she might go to trial.

There’s been no decision yet on whether prosecutors will seek the death penalty, but experts say it’s not likely without a body.

Whitney Houston’s New Song – Featuring Akon – “Like I Never Left”

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes it takes the audio clip a few seconds to buffer:

New Whitney Single

New Whitney Single

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