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Nancy Grace Highlights

Nancy Grace: Several Motions Will Be Heard Before The Court Today And Just When Jesse Grund Thinks He’s Out, Casey Anthony’s Defense Team Pulls Him Back In

Nancy Grace: Casey Anthony Is Planning A “No Show” At Her Next Court Date.

Nancy Grace: Police Documents Say That A Hole, 1 Foot Long And 5 Inches Deep, Was Found In The Anthony Backyard.

Nancy Grace: Anthony Family Is Trying To Get A Private Meeing With Casey In Jail.

Nancy Grace: People Magazine Reports That Police Have Made A Direct Link From The Blanket Found With Caylee’s Remains To The Winnie The Pooh Bedding Set In The Anthony Home.

Nancy Grace: Leonard Padilla Says That George Anthony Physically Went After Casey And Demanded To Know Where Caylee Was.

Nancy Grace: Will A Toy Horse And Winnie The Pooh Blanket Put Casey Anthony Away? Is This Why George Anthony Broke Down?

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