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New Court Documents And Surveillance Videos Of Casey Anthony Committing Check Fraud Are Released

Hmmm…I guess she was too busy shopping to search for Caylee during this time period:

Nancy Grace: State’s Witness List of 82 People Revealed. Nancy Also Gets Info On Jeff Hopkins, Who Casey Said Introduced Zaneida To Her.

Don’t Want To Search Through Posts For Pertinent Info About The Anthony Case Discovery Documents And Police Interviews? Try This Compilation Of Information.

In order to avoid publishing several different posts on all of the startling, and damning, information recently found in the discovery documents and police interviews, the compiled information can be found here.

On the images found in Casey’s computer:

  1. Parties, internet chats with men, drugs, missing children’s websites, searches on Zenaida Gonzalez
  2. Cryptic cartoon and rapper Tupac quote

Pertient facts from Cindy’s police interview:

  1. Cindy names Caylee’s father, discusses Zanny’s Tampa auto accident, Cindy is chastised for making public statements
  2. Cindy names Amy Huizenga and Jesse Grund as suspects

Casey, Anthony Rusciano, and little Caylee:

  1. Casey’s phone contact list, Casey calls Caylee “a little snothead”, Casey talks sex with fired ex-deputy, Anthony Rusciano, refers to Caylee as “passed out”
  2. Caylee’s great-grandmother receives phone calls supposedly from Caylee after she went missing

Note: It may take the audio a few seconds to buffer:

    1. Cindy Anthony (mother)
      Part A

      Part B

      Part C

    2. George Anthony (father)
    3. Anthony “Tony” Lazaro (ex-boyfriend)
    4. Jesse Grund (ex-fiancee) – Part A:
    5. Jesse Grund – Part B:
    6. Lee Anthony (brother):

Some Anthony Case Documents:

  1. Conversation between Casey and Tony Rusciano
  2. Ex-boyfriend Stutz
  3. Tow truck Driver
  4. Tow truck Manager
  5. Computer Forensics Report

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