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Was Casey Anthony Going To Confess To A Friend In California Before She Was Arrested?

Or was she simply going to tell him that Caylee was missing and had been taken by the nanny?

Phone records released by bounty hunter, Leonard Pailla, disclosed that Casey told a friend in California, Mark Hawkins, who was in daily contact with her during the time that Caylee was missing, that “she was planning a trip to CA, that she needed to tell him something and that she didn’t know how he would react to it”.

Can You Believe It? Trashy Protesters, Involved In Confrontation With George Anthony, Have Had The Police Called To Their Home 83 Times In The Last 9 Years!

Another “Who cares?” note:

The state attorney’s office formalized the three most-recent economic charges against Casey Anthony, mother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony, on Friday.

The charges stem from allegations that Anthony stole her friend’s checks and made several hundred dollars worth of purchases.

Anthony is not expected to be rearrested on these charges because she already turned herself in on the charges on Monday and bonded out of jail on Tuesday.

We should have known:

Protesters Involved In Confrontation With George Anthony Give Their Side Of The Story

Well, George, the girl with the blank look in her eyes was obliging enough to even spell their last name for you.

The male protester says that he felt threatened by George.

Excuse me? Throwing rocks, chipping the Anthonys’ windows and putting a dent in the garage door? That shouldn’t be considered threatening by the Anthonys?

What’s wrong with these nuts? Don’t they know how stupid that they sound?

Casey Anthony’s 911 Call To Police About The Protester Skirmish.

When the confrontation occurred, Casey rushed to call the police. Her daughter goes missing for a month and she never called 911.

Somebody put this fool back in jail!

Casey’s 911 Call:

It Was Bound To Happen: Thugs, Posings As Protesters, Assault George And Cindy Anthony

George’s shirt was grabbed and Cindy was pushed:

A Closer Look At The Cindy/Protester Confrontation: Protester’s Kid’s Arm Was Hurt When She Was Restrained. She Was Too Busy Hurling Curses At Cindy To Be Concerned.

Initially, I thought that the little guy in the video was being stubborn and wouldn’t stand up. (Sorry about that, little guy.)

It’s obvious, now, that his arm got shut in the door when his big butt mother fell against it after being restrained from fighting with Cindy Anthony.

Instead of being concerned with her own kid writhing in the street in obvious pain, the protester continued to hurl curses at Cindy Anthony.

As they sped away to “go to the hospital”, the protester shouted, “And that #@!&#@ is gonna pay for it.”

The little guy? He shouted to Cindy, “I hope you die!”


Casey Anthony Pleads Not Guilty To Charges, Supporters Hold Another Vigil, Protesters Continue To Protest, And Everybody Awaits The Judge’s Decision On The Homeowners’ Suit

On Sunday, Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, entered a not-guilty plea to 10 felony check fraud charges filed against her last week. She has also turned down the right to have an arraignment on those charges.

Her lawyer, Jose Baez, filed a discovery motion, which means he wants to see what evidence the state plans to use in its prosecution of Casey Anthony.

Cindy Anthony And A Woman Protester Had To Be Physically Restrained From Bashing Each Other.

Cindy Anthony had enough and actually went after the protester.

Cindy: “When Caylee comes home, you will go to hell.”

Late Saturday night, the Anthony family again squared off with protesters outside their home. “When Caylee comes home, you will go to hell,” Cindy Anthony told them.

“Your daughter is a killer,” shouted back an unidentified protester.

The protester and Cindy had to be physically restrained by loved ones. The exchange ended peacefully and was sparked when Cindy came out to put back some no trespassing signs.

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