Did I see Nancy Grace posturing like she was sympathetic towards George Anthony? Was that Leonard Padilla pulling a sad face, while talking about George?

I could barely stomach watching NG’s show tonight. Sitting in her chair, talking softly and constantly thanking the Daytona Beach Police Chief for saving George’s life.

What a bunch of horse poo!

Nancy Grace and Leonard Padilla have ripped into the Anthonys on a nightly basis. Nancy Grace has, verbally, decimated the Anthonys time and time again.

When I say “Anthony family”, I’m not talking about Casey Anthony, because that psycho needs to be ripped into.

Leonard Padilla has consistenly reported “personal” information about the Anthonys for NG’s audience (much of it made up or exaggerated), because he wants to stay in the spotlight and, possibly, get a bigger entertainment deal.

I’m not excluding my own possible culpability in helping George toward his desperate act, but I, at least, have been as careful as I can not to spread obvious BS.

So, I’m climbing off of my soapbox now and here are the clips:

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