Unless he has more video of the scene with more happening, why would someone pay him for the footage now?

jhooverThe grandparents of Caylee Anthony said a private investigator they hired to search for the then-missing girl is attempting to sell a video he said he taped in November of the wooded area where the girl’s remains were found a month later.

Jim Hoover, who no longer works for George and Cindy Anthony, said he recorded the video in mid-November in the woods off Suburban Drive — near the Anthony’s home — with Dominic Casey, another private investigator for the family.

Hoover claims that Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, 22, who remains jailed on first-degree murder charges in her daughter’s death, knew Caylee was dead and the video shows that he was looking for the girl’s remains.

Casey Anthony has denied the claim, and the attorney representing her parents said the family feels betrayed by Hoover.

“By virtue of my representation, it is my videotape, not Mr. Hoover’s, and our position is that he has taken this tape from us and tried to shop it and tried to profit from a tragedy that he has no right to be involved in,” Brad Conway said.

Hoover’s attorney told Local 6 News that several people have offered money to his client for the video, but he would not comment on whether Hoover has attempted to sell the video to the media.

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