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Jane Velez-Mitchell, Frequent Guest Host For Nancy Grace, Sums Up The Current Developments In The Caylee Anthony Saga. It Looks Like Everybody Is Involved!

Nancy Grace: Leonard Padilla Says That There Is A Daisy Chain From Casey Anthony To The Meter Reader, Roy Kronk, With Brother Lee Anthony Right In The Middle.

Note: I must apologize to my regular readers for being absent for a few days, but computer problems kept me away. This clip is from Monday night’s show:

Nancy Grace: On The Items That Were Seized From The Anthony Home And What They Possibly Mean.

One Of Nancy Grace’s Guest Attorneys Takes Her To Task For Insinuating That Casey Anthony Is Enjoying Herself In Jail, Because Of What She Has Ordered From The Jail Commissary.

It’s about time somebody said somehing about Nancy’s stupid “menu” remarks:

Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s Attorney, Sets Up A New Tip Line.

Why is the news anchor surprised that an 8 year old would know disturbing details of the case? Has the media not been blasting such details for days? Duh!

And why is Jose setting up a tip line? If this is a ploy to cast doubt as to whether Casey murdered her daughter, it isn’t going to work!

And why are there so many people associated with this case, who have cable shows or have written best sellers?

I’m getting sick of all of them.

Nancy Grace: Jesse Grund Gets Emotional And Breaks Down.

Yes, and so did I.

Nancy Grace: Why Is Little Caylee’s Funeral Being Delayed? Guest Medical Examiner Says That A 2nd Autopsy Would Show Nothing More, Because The Remains Are Skeletonized.

Nancy Grace: Casey Anthony Won’t Be Permitted To Attend Caylee’s Funeral. Also, One Of The News Channels Starts A Rumor That The Anthonys Might Ask For Donations For Caylee’s Funeral From The Public.

Call me crazy but, somehow, I just always thought a news station would always practice integrity when it comes to reporting the news. How silly am I?

Contrary to television reports, the family of Caylee Anthony says it is not seeking donations to pay for the toddler’s funeral.

A release from Brad Conway, who represents George and Cindy Anthony, was sent out at 1:42 a.m. today.

The release states: “The Anthonys appreciate and respect the public’s show of love and affection for little Caylee, their only granddaughter. It is their intention to have both a private ceremony as well as a public ceremony. The Anthonys want to begin the process of healing not only for themselves but for our entire community.”

The release adds that any money “held in any account dedicated to finding Caylee” will be given to a nonprofit group, yet undetermined, that helps find missing children.

“The public memorial will have to be located at a large venue so that everyone who wants to pay their last respects to this beautiful child may do so,” Conway’s release says.

And he concludes, “I want emphatically to state that the Anthony family is NOT requesting funeral donations for Caylee Marie Anthony.”

WFTV-Channel 9 reported Monday that the grandparents were seeking donations to bury Caylee. WFTV repeated the story Tuesday morning.


WFTV-Channel 9’s Mary Nguyen reported that George and Cindy Anthony might ask for donations to bury Caylee. “The Anthonys are hoping the public will pay for their granddaughter’s funeral,” Nguyen said.

Notice how WFTV is careful to use the word “might”. It’s not their fault that the gossips took it from there and it turned into “will ask”. Or, at least, that’s what they’ll argue in court:

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