cayleepicTexas-based EquuSearch says after Monday, it’s suspending the search for the body of Caylee Anthony. Sunday about 800 people scoured parts of East Orange County looking for the missing girl but found nothing.

EquuSearch founder, Tim Miller, says he believes the girl’s remains will never be found. He told Channel 9 his donors and the families of other missing people have been pressuring him to end his massive search in Orlando and start helping others.

Miller also says EquuSearch is in debt. After the group’s two searches in Orlando, EquuSearch has spent more than $75,000 on equipment and staff.

The entire weekend turned out to be a disappointment. Not only were searchers unable to find Caylee, the turnout was much smaller than expected. Organizers had predicted up to 5,000 volunteers would show up for the weekend search, but only 1,500 showed up Saturday, and even less on Sunday.

Those that did show up Sunday had high hopes of finding Caylee’s body. Many hugged each other after a morning prayer led by Richard Grund, whose son at one time was engaged to the missing girl’s mother, the now jailed Casey Anthony.

Grund said that he considered Caylee family.

“I’m an old New York Italian. When I make you part of my family, you stay part of my family, so Caylee’s still part of my family.”

Throughout the weekend, the volunteers who came from all over the country continued to show a determination to help in the search for Caylee.

“I just think it’s time for closure for her family,” said searcher Lynda Parsons on Saturday. “I think it’s really time to find her.”

Searchers scoured several areas on the east side of Orlando. They walked through dense brush, fields, even water. But aside from clothing and some apparent animal bones, they found nothing to indicate they child’s remains were there.

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