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Newly Released Documents Reveal Things From A Family Feud To Accusations Of Abuse And Incest.

Nearly 700 pages of evidence released in the Casey Anthony case contain disturbing internet searches, a accusation of a frame-up and allegations of potential incest in the Anthony family.

The investigation has brought out accusations Casey had been making against those closest to her, namely that her father George has abused her, and that her brother Lee made inappropriate sexual advances toward her once when she was in junior high. The documents show Casey said her mother Cindy did not believe that to be true.

The newly released court documents show Casey Anthony searched for information on chloroform, types of shovels and neck-breaking on her computer in the time before her young daughter Caylee disappeared.

The documents reveal that Casey searched those items in March, at the same time she was also looking on missing children web sites. Casey reported her daughter missing in June. Casey claims she left Caylee with a babysitter but that person has never been found and Casey now stands charged with Caylee’s murder.

Ex-Boyfriend, Tony Lazaro, To Casey Anthony: “When I Have Children, I Only Want Boys.” Could This Be A Motive For Murder?

And if Lazaro doesn’t have all boys, what is he going to do? Throw the girls away?

Newly Released Documents Show Searches For Chloroform And Neck Breaking On Casey Anthony’s Computer. Does This Tighten The Noose Around Her Neck? Nope!

Before some of you start celebrating, you might want to pause and consider the fact that as long as there is “reasonable doubt”, a jury will be hard-pressed to find Casey Anthony guilty.

If LE didn’t do a complete image scan of Casey’s computer and get it notorized before it left the Anthony premises, Jose Baez can certainly theorize that those searches could just as easily have been done by someone after it left the premises.

It’s entirely too simple to change the date and time on computer files, to consider these searches as definite proof against Casey Anthony.

As far as I’m concerned, the fact that she didn’t report Caylee missing for a month proves that she’s guilty; not some searches that a lawyer can blast completely out of the water.

Cindy Anthony Explains “Hairbrush-gate”. Denies Deliberately Misleading The FBI.

Heck, it sounds reasonable to me, so let’s just let this crap go and focus on putting Larry Garrison behind bars somewhere:

OK, Let’s Talk About The So-Called Incriminating Email From Cindy Anthony To Former Spokesman, Larry Garrison.

Hmmm…let’s see.

We have the Anthonys’ former publicist, Larry Garrison, who pocketed money from their interviews, coming forth with an incriminating email from Cindy Anthony about deliberately not giving the FBI a correct hair sample of little Caylee’s.

Wait. Hold on a minute, while I put on my hip boots, so that I can wade through this field of bull poo.

If Larry Garrison felt that Cindy did something wrong, why did he wait until now to supply this information? I’ve never heard of “publicist-client privilege”, so why didn’t he report this as soon as he found out? Is it more of a crime now, after he no longer works for the Anthonys, than then?

Why are people so quick to accept the word of a proven crook? Is the hate for Casey Anthony so out of control, until people are willing to burn everybody associated with her – especially her parents?

Has anybody pointed out to Mr. Garrison that, by knowingly withholding such, allegedly, vital information, he can be charged as an accomplice? No, I didn’t think so.

This is obviously an attempt by Garrison to keep the crook spotlight off of himself.

Jose Got Indignant At The Hearing: “That Information Came From This Side Of The Room (Prosecution).”


A judge has denied a controversial motion to put a gag order on Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez.

On Tuesday, prosecutors argued in court for the gag order, which would prevent Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez from speaking out about the case. They said Baez’s frequent statements to the media are tainting the possible jury pool when Anthony goes on trial next year for the murder of her 3-year-old Caylee Anthony.

However, Baez said prosecutors and investigators have done that by leaking information over the last several months.

The state’s motion also included a gag order on Casey’s parents George and Cindy Anthony. However, the judge told them in court any order he issued would not apply to them.

After all has been said and done by the media and others to try and make Jose Baez look incompetent, he still always comes through in the courtroom like a true pro:

Nancy Grace: Richard Grund, Casey Anthony’s Ex-Fiancee’s Father, Spills The Beans About George, Cindy, And Casey.

Well, George Anthony brought Richard Grund’s name up during the FBI interview and now Richard is doing “pay back”:

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