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Casey Anthony’s Attorney Prepares To Depose Her Ex-Boyfriend, Tony Lazaro, And Others.

Nancy Grace And Jennifer Hudson’s Ex-Brother-In-Law’s Mother Get Real Snippy With Each Other.

Nancy Grace: Nancy Interviews The Mother Of Jennifer Hudson’s Ex-Brother-In-Law

Prosecution Releases More Than 1500 Pages Of Caylee Anthony Tips. Majority Of Them Are From Seers And Psychics.

The defense asked for them and here they are:

Judge Agrees To Start Casey Anthony’s Trial Date Sooner: January 5, 2009.

Pre-trial is December 11th.

Neither Casey Anthony nor her attorney was at Tuesday morning’s arraignment on murder charges Casey is facing in the death of her daughter, Caylee. Casey had already entered a written plea of not guilty, so she was not required to show up.

Judge Stan Strickland accepted the written plea and that means the state now has 15 days to hand over evidence to Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez, that the state plans to use in the trial against her. Any new evidence the state plans to make use of also must be handed over to Baez as they get it.

The state also asked the judge to move the trial period back from a previously set date in early February, possibly to put more pressure of the defense,. The judge agreed and Casey’s pre-trial conference is now set for December 11 and the trial is set for January 5.

Casey Anthony’s Trial Date Is Set For February 9, 2009.

FBI Tests Conclude That Human Decomposition Took Place In Casey Anthony’s Car

However, the DNA testing did not conclusively prove that the hair strand found in the trunk belonged to Caylee.

Also, the hair strand found on a shovel, which Casey borrowed from a neighbor, did not belong to either Caylee or Casey:

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