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Don’t Want To Search Through Posts For Pertinent Info About The Anthony Case Discovery Documents And Police Interviews? Try This Compilation Of Information.

In order to avoid publishing several different posts on all of the startling, and damning, information recently found in the discovery documents and police interviews, the compiled information can be found here.

On the images found in Casey’s computer:

  1. Parties, internet chats with men, drugs, missing children’s websites, searches on Zenaida Gonzalez
  2. Cryptic cartoon and rapper Tupac quote

Pertient facts from Cindy’s police interview:

  1. Cindy names Caylee’s father, discusses Zanny’s Tampa auto accident, Cindy is chastised for making public statements
  2. Cindy names Amy Huizenga and Jesse Grund as suspects

Casey, Anthony Rusciano, and little Caylee:

  1. Casey’s phone contact list, Casey calls Caylee “a little snothead”, Casey talks sex with fired ex-deputy, Anthony Rusciano, refers to Caylee as “passed out”
  2. Caylee’s great-grandmother receives phone calls supposedly from Caylee after she went missing

Note: It may take the audio a few seconds to buffer:

    1. Cindy Anthony (mother)
      Part A

      Part B

      Part C

    2. George Anthony (father)
    3. Anthony “Tony” Lazaro (ex-boyfriend)
    4. Jesse Grund (ex-fiancee) – Part A:
    5. Jesse Grund – Part B:
    6. Lee Anthony (brother):

Some Anthony Case Documents:

  1. Conversation between Casey and Tony Rusciano
  2. Ex-boyfriend Stutz
  3. Tow truck Driver
  4. Tow truck Manager
  5. Computer Forensics Report

Audio: Cindy Anthony Interview 1

Note: Audio may take a few seconds to buffer:


Part 2

Part 3

Nancy Grace: Childhood Friend Reveals That Cindy Anthony Believed That “Casey Was Guilty Of Something”.

Audio: Hear Taped Police Interviews With Lee Anthony, Tony Lazaro, And Jesse Grund

Note: Audio may take a few seconds to buffer.

Anthony “Tony” Lazaro (ex-boyfriend):

Jesse Grund (ex-fiancee) – Interview 1:

Jesse Grund – Interview 2:

Lee Anthony (brother):

Channel 9 News: Source Close To Anthony Family Says Casey Said That Caylee Was Sold To Someone In Puerto Rico.

I swear, people are absolutely losing their minds to make up crap like this. And please don’t get me started on anything that Leonard Padilla says:

Is there a Puerto Rico connection to Caylee Anthony’s disappearance or is it just another lie from Casey? Sources who knew the family intimately during the past few months told Eyewitness News that Casey convinced her mother that Caylee was sold to someone in Puerto Rico.

You can find mention of the Puerto Rico connection buried in the documents investigators just released. On July 22, after Caylee was reported missing, Casey’s former best friend, Amy Huizenga, got a text message in the middle of the night from an unidentified person about a trip she and two of Casey’s friends took to Puerto Rico.

“Won’t take a genius or the Feds to start talking to you guys about the trip, because you three left at different times to [go] out of the country while Caylee was unaccounted for. Know what I mean?” Huizenga’s friend wrote.

The friend then asked: “You guys keep your ticket stubs?” and “Just out of curiosity why did you, Troy and Ricardo go to Puerto Rico separately?”

Wednesday, sources who spent a lot of time with the family in recent weeks, told Eyewitness News that when Casey got out of jail the first time, she convinced her mother that she sold her daughter to someone in Puerto Rico. The only interview Cindy’s done since then is with Univision, where she talked about a tip that Caylee was in Puerto Rico.

But Leonard Padilla, the bounty hunter who originally sprung Casey from jail, told Eyewitness News on Wednesday that it’s just another crazy lie cooked up by Casey.

“Baby’s dead. Baby’s deceased,” he said.

Padilla said he stationed a female employee in the house for nine days with Casey and claims Casey confided in her regularly, but never said anything about Puerto Rico.

“Her whole methodology the whole nine days that the young lady was in there with her was one of denial, guilt, that she had done away with her own daughter,” Padilla said.

Those same exclusive sources close to the family also told Eyewitness News that Casey confides in Cindy a lot, while her father George spends most of the day away from the two women and, if he is home, he keeps to himself.

Discovery Documents: Amy Huizenga Says That Casey Brought Caylee To A “No Clothes” Party. More Shocking Details.

100 Pages Of Discovery Documents Detail Casey Anthony’s Rich Social Life And Drug Use During The Time That Caylee Was Missing.

Discovery Documents: Casey Anthony Discusses With Friend, Amy Huizenga, What The Foul Odor In The Car Is.

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