Update: Search For Caylee’s Body Begins After Investigators Confirm She Is Dead

The lead investigator in the Caylee Anthony case said that it was her body in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car and have confirmed for the first time that Caylee is dead. Detectives were taking part in the search for the little girl’s body.



Early Saturday morning, the Clearwater bonding company, which had put up $50,000 to get Casey out of jail on original charges of child endangerment and lying to authorities about the disappearance of her young daughter Caylee, revoked that bond.

That action means someone will have to come up with another $50,000 to get Casey out of jail. The Anthony family was unable to do that when Casey was first arrested.

This is very raw footage:

A fleet of Orange County sheriff’s vehicles drove to the home of George and Cindy Anthony on Hope Spring Drive and arrested Casey Anthony.

Anthony was arrested on what are possible charges of stealing money or perhaps check fraud, Local 6 reported Friday night. The arrest had nothing to do with the disappearance of her daughter, Caylee, Local 6 reported.

Anthony’s daughter, Caylee, 3, has been missing since mid-June.

A crowd that gathered in front of the Anthony home Friday night screamed and cheered after Casey Anthony was arrested.

“I’ve been praying for (the arrest) for a long time,” a woman told Local 6’s Adam Longo in front of the Anthony house. “Caylee needs justice. And finally tonight, justice has been done. She belongs in jail forever.”

A protester’s sign:

Her short bond hearing after being re-arrested:

Arrest affidavit:


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